This year, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is encouraging us to “Start the Conversation” during March’s Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month. Starting a conversation about bleeding disorders (BDs) is a great way of raising awareness and educating others about this inheritable condition.

Most of us have a “cause”- something we believe in and to which we are devoted. For many of us who live with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders (BDs) or work with people with BDs, we are passionate about the care and treatment of these inheritable conditions.

Simply put, a conversation is a two-way discussion. But it is a powerful method of sharing ideas, feelings, questions and concerns. For those of us with experience with BDs, talking with our medical providers, family members and friends provides a base of further understanding and growth. Asking questions and providing answers are important interactions we have every day. When we feel able to bring up the subject with friends and family with whom we feel comfortable, we become empowered and more confident in our abilities to share our beliefs. Then our conversations become a way of not only raising awareness but promoting education and advocacy in our BDs community.

During March, we are asked to be thoughtful about bleeding disorders in a way that generates interest and concern in ourselves and others through conversation.

Explaining BDs to friends and acquaintances may be the start of further discussion into topics like medical treatment, research efforts, advocacy and quality of life. In particular, quality of life issues are of vital importance to bleeding disorders patients personally and the bleeding disorders community, in total. This topic focuses on and deals with the many concerns of life we all have about our physical, intellectual and emotional well-being.

Whether it be the importance of quality of life for individuals and families living with a bleeding disorder or the breaking news of upcoming bleeding disorders treatments and products, the sharing of the personal, professional and community successes is a mission that starts with our Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month and continues throughout the year! 

Let’s make 2022 the year to continue our conversations and celebrate each other!

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