Open communication is something that most of us claim to value, but very few truly achieve. The importance of open communication cannot be overstated; communities and organizations can move and grow without it, but very few thrive.

I am excited to share, that even though Mylyfe is a young organization, we have had the opportunity to build a leadership team that embraces open communication and creates a dynamic organization that understands the value of all voices, respects diversity, and is better able to create deep recognition of mission, opportunity, and enhance connective capacity. And in that, we deeply recognize that open communication with patients is of the highest priority.

We believe the most important dynamic in open communication is that of TRUST.

What is needed to nurture an environment of open communication? Communities, groups, and teams, whether they are in a nonprofit, business, or in sports, are built on a solid foundation of trust.

At Mylyfe, the way we ensure that trust is built and grows is based on our making and keeping commitments, as well as being vulnerable with one another. Our team believes that by doing these things, we open the door to stronger relationships with each other and with our patients. Our relationships are then built through  continued open, honest communication.  Always.

Connecting with each other and our patients, we work to get to a higher level of connective capacity. We work to nurture high engagement with our employees and our patients. High engagement means that employees care deeply about their work, feel like they’re part of the team, are brought into the greater vision, and bring their unique strengths to their work that in turn allows them to better service to our patients. None of this is possible unless those employees feel like the company they work for cares about them, values their work, has their best interests in mind, and accepts them as part of an integral team. If an employee believes these things to be true, they will bring their best selves and best service to the patients they connect with every day.

Specific ways we work to enhance engagement with our employees:

  • Cooperative agenda development
  • Using an effective method for collaboration and the sharing of ideas
  • Ongoing identification of shared goals
  • Ongoing and regular communication about progress towards goals and objectives.
  • Regular encouragement
  • Making and keeping commitments
  • Practice what you preach
  • Recognize both verbal and nonverbal communication – a must

Patients deserve the best.

While not employees, patients deserve the same things that our employees do. They deserve to be part of a relationship with us (and their other care providers) that is open, honest and committed. It is important for all those that interact with patients to maintain the ability to be uniquely present for their patients.

Numerous studies have identified that open communication with patients promotes better clinical health outcomes for the patient.

What we do in Mylyfe to support open communication with our patients and potential patients:

  • We take time to build relationships. We want to invest in building a healthy relationship!
  • When we listen, we listen carefully and listen with empathy.
  • We show respect and treat each person with compassion and without judgment.
  • We ask about their outlooks, attitudes, and motivations.
  • We learn the patient’s perspective. Talk to the patient about worries, fears, and possible misconceptions.
  • We always ask about concerns.
  • We ask the patient who is on their care team and who they want to be on it.
  • We work to identify barriers and limitations in their care.
  • And we always follow up with the patient, create clear expectations for ourselves and make sure our patients know we are available.

At Mylyfe we strive to do our best every chance we get. We want to form and sustain an open, trusted connection within and outside of Mylyfe. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Mylyfe, how we work, and the work we are accomplishing, please sign up for our emails where you will find links to blogs, community information and more! 

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